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Nexus Risk Management is a leading financial risk management company providing innovative risk management solutions and thought leadership to financial institutions through its offices in Toronto, Chicago, Hong Kong and Seoul. Nexus brings together deep industry knowledge, leading edge techniques and best practices to deliver sophisticated tools, training, expertise and execution services for managing risk and maximizing risk efficiency.

Our risk professionals work closely with insurance companies and pension plans, applying industry best practices to develop and execute leading edge Asset Liability Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Dynamic Hedging programs.

We partner with one of Canada’s leading asset management firms to outsource Asset Management and Asset Liability Management functions for insurers and pension plans.

We provide training programs to regulators, rating agencies, guaranty associations, central banks and multinational insurance companies on risk management techniques and practices.

We offer hedge execution outsourcing including dynamic hedging services for variable annuities, indexed annuities and segregated funds, as well as innovative mutual fund risk management overlay strategies.

We license state-of-the-art software to insurance companies in the U.S., Canada and Asia to manage risk.

A Better Approach to Asset Management

Through joint ventures with Asset Management firms the inadequacies of the traditional asset management model are resolved and assets are managed directly against the liability cash flows within a principled ALM framework. Strategies to optimize the portfolio on a default-free basis have added substantial value for our clients by simultaneously decreasing their risk exposure and increasing their investment income by millions per year.

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