Many companies worldwide do an adequate job of executing risk management at a tactical level to eliminate or minimize their risk. In today's competitive landscape, it is becoming more and more apparent that this approach to managing risk is not good enough and can mean the difference between gaining competitive advantage and lost opportunity.

As the recent global market crisis has shown, companies succeed or fail based on the decisions they make. All too often these decisions - to eliminate or minimize profitable risk, or to take risks outside of the stated risk appetite - lack clear focus.

We believe risk management should be the front and centre focus of all strategic decisions enabling companies to achieve their financial goals subject to their risk tolerances and constraints. By keeping a clear focus on risk at all times and making informed risk decisions, companies can maximize stakeholder value.

Nexus Risk Management helps companies implement risk frameworks and formulate innovative strategies to gain competitive advantage.

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Specific service offerings include:

  • ALM Strategies to Achieve Financial Objectives
  • Benchmarking Reviews of ALM / ERM Based on Observed Industry Best Practices
  • Investment Strategies and Strategic Asset Allocation
  • GMXB Product Reviews
  • Dynamic Hedging and Management of Equity-based Guarantee Products
  • ALM / ERM Framework Implementation
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Economic Capital and Risk Budgeting
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