Nexus Risk Management Offers Liability Driven Investing ("LDI") to the Pension Industry

Nexus Risk Management broadened the Asset Liability Management services it provides to the pension industry by offering customized Liability Driven Investing ("LDI") strategies to manage risk and optimize return.

Focus on Sound Risk Management

Nexus Risk Management works with insurance and reinsurance companies globally to implement best practice ALM, ERM and LDI frameworks, formulate effective ALM strategies and execute asset management within a sound risk framework.

Nexus Risk Management focuses on clients' financial goals, helping them ensure that the risks they assume are appropriate, well understood and consistent with their risk appetite.

Solutions for Pension and Insurance

Through deep industry knowledge, expertise and leading edge tools, Nexus Risk Management develops and delivers portfolio risk management and asset management solutions for both insurance companies and pension plans, across a range of financial objectives, risk tolerances and investment constraints. Client-specific solutions are developed to manage interest rate, credit, equity market and inflation risks, in order to address surplus, contribution or income volatility, and uncertain future liability cash flows.

For further information:
Jonathan S. Hede, Vice President, Nexus Risk Management or + 1 416 593 9500

About the Company
Nexus Risk Management creates focused strategies for managing risk to maximize value. We deliver tools, training, expertise and execution to our clients with the clarity needed to achieve their financial objectives. We work closely with insurance companies and pension plans, rating agencies and regulators, leading experts from academia and the investment industry as well as reinsurers and other counterparties. Through offices in North America and Asia-Pacific we provide highly specialized risk management products and services to our clients globally.

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