OCTOBER 16, 2008

Nexus Risk Management ramps up Dynamic Hedging services

Nexus Risk Management has broadened its dynamic hedging service offering to assist the growing number of insurers who are looking to implement their own dynamic hedging programs for Variable Annuities, Segregated Funds and EIAs. Many insurers that were previously outsourcing their dynamic hedging programs have been reevaluating both the high cost associated with outsourcing as well as the negative market perception from not being able to manage this business internally.

Nexus Risk Management has been performing a wide variety of dynamic hedging work for a number of insurers for several years. One key differentiator for Nexus Risk Management is the custom build of the dynamic hedging software they offer current clients. The software is delivered on the Nexus Risk Platform, fully customized to model clients' liabilities, integrated with their systems and completely automated.

Focus on Sound Risk Management

Before starting any work implementing a dynamic hedging strategy, Nexus Risk Management establishes the overall risk framework for their clients so that they can formulate the most effective strategies to achieve their financial goals and help ensure that the risks assumed are appropriate, well understood and consistent with their risk appetite.

Nexus Risk Management believes that a proprietary dynamic hedging program can offer significant competitive advantage. Nexus Risk Management works closely with companies to provide them with the tools and expertise needed to help them develop their capabilities in-house.

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Maxime J. Carrier, Senior Risk Actuary, Nexus Risk Management
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