Nexus Risk Management increases capacity for Greater China Region.

Nexus Risk Management strengthened its commitment to Asia-Pacific by partnering with Real Actuarial Consulting Limited ("Real Consulting") to increase capacity for the Greater China Region. Nexus Risk Management will work closely with Real Consulting to deliver products and services to companies in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. Real Consulting will be acting as an authorized provider of Nexus Risk Management products and services with the full support of Nexus Risk Management staff in both its offices based in Toronto and Seoul. Victor Wong, President of Real Consulting, will be the lead consultant responsible for business development and servicing clients in the region. Real Consulting will offer the full suite of Nexus Risk Management products and services including a powerful software tool to manage risk: Nexus Risk Platform. Nexus Risk Platform has separate modules that can be used to monitor market risk on a real time basis, test the impact of trades on the ALM position, execute effective ALM strategies and perform risk optimization. Services include independent risk assessments, ALM best practice reviews that benchmark a company's ALM function against industry best practices globally, ERM framework implementation, ALM processes, implementation and execution of dynamic hedging programs, and in-house training.

Real Consulting is a software, training and consultancy firm specializing in risk management, decision analysis and business valuation. Real Consulting provides state-of-the-art decision and scientific risk management tools and techniques such as Real Options Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Stochastic Forecasting, Optimization, Statistic and Risk Modeling as well as banking and insurance ALM and ERM solutions, to help clients identify, quantify, value, hedge mitigate and diversify

For further information:
Nexus Risk Management +1 416 593 9500 x 221 or
Victor S. F. Wong, President, Real Actuarial Consulting Limited, 852 2251-8593

About the Company:
Nexus Risk Management creates focused strategies for managing risk to maximize value. We deliver tools, training, expertise and execution to our clients with the clarity needed to achieve their financial objectives. We work closely with insurance companies and pension plans, rating agencies and regulators, leading experts from academia and the investment industry as well as reinsurers and other counterparties. Through offices in North America and Asia-Pacific we provide highly specialized risk management products and services to our clients

Up-Coming Presentations:

Asset Liability Management: How To Get It Right.

The 10th Annual Chinese Actuarial Association Conference
Date:September 16 - 18, 2009
Venue:Empark Grand Hotel, Kunming, Yunnan,China
Presenters:Victor S. F. Wong, Real Consulting / Nexus Risk Management

The traditional asset management approach has prevented proper execution of ALM and has resulted in the pension plan crisis and the failure of insurance companies to achieve their financial objectives. While there are a number of insurers who do a good job of executing ALM at a tactical level to mitigate risk, this is no longer enough in today's environment. Companies need to start immediately to implement ALM at a strategic level fully integrated within a cohesive Enterprise Risk Management Framework to achieve their financial objectives.

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