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Actuarial Organizations

The Actuarial Profession
The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong
Actuarial Society of Malaysia
Actuarial Society of South Africa
American Academy of Actuaries
Association Royale des Actuaires Belges
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Caribbean Actuarial Association
Casualty Actuarial Society
Colegio Nacional De Actuarios, A. C.
Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen
The Institute of Actuaries of Australia
The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
International Actuarial Association
Israel Association of Actuaries
New Zealand Society of Actuaries
Society of Actuaries
Society of Actuaries in Ireland


American Stock Exchange
Bourse de Montreal

Chicago Board Options Exchange

Chicago Mercantile Exchange/Chicago Board of Trade

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing
London Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

Tokyo Stock Exchange

TSX Group

Rating Agencies

Moody's Investor Services
Standard and Poor's


Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
National Association of Insurance Commissioners

New York State Insurance

Other Professional Bodies

Association for Investment Management and Research
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Bank for International Settlements
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Global Association of Risk Professionals
International Accounting Standards Board

Professional Risk Manager's International Association

Market Data

Bank of Canada

DowJones Newswires

Federal Reserve Statistical Release

Global Financial Data


Ibbotson Associates

Morgan Stanley Capital International


Thomson Reuters Datastream

Other useful sites

Annuity Systems

Risk Report Guide Actuarial Science

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