Asset Liability Management

Over the past few decades, financial institutions and pension funds with inadequate or no Asset Liability Management ("ALM") discipline have been ruthlessly punished by the financial markets, suffered severe losses and experienced several failures as a result of their exposure to changes in interest rates, asset defaults and turbulent equity markets. In many cases these risks were unnecessary and could easily have been avoided with effective ALM.

Many companies and pension funds today are not being fairly compensated for risks they are assuming. Best practices that have emerged in the area of ALM over the last few years have enabled insurance companies and pension funds to use ALM as a strategic decision making framework to add value, gain competitive advantage and achieve financial objectives. Nexus Risk Management works with a number of insurance and reinsurance companies and pension funds globally to implement best practice ALM, ERM and LDI frameworks, formulate effective ALM strategies and execute asset management within an ALM framework.

Nexus Risk Management does a wide range of ALM related work for dozens of life insurance companies and pension funds worldwide. Our clients include some of the largest multinational insurance and reinsurance companies.

In response to the demand from companies who are not able to allocate sufficient resources to the ALM function or stay on top of industry best practices in the area of ALM and Enterprise Risk Management, Nexus Risk Management launched its ALM Service Package. The ALM Service Package is a complete solution that allows companies to retain control of the risk management of their business by providing sophisticated tools, expertise, training and assistance needed to perform ALM on an on-going basis. Learn more.

Our products and services in this area include:

  • ALM Service Package
  • Independent Risk Assessment
  • ALM Framework Implementation
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution
  • Risk Optimization
  • Economic Capital and Risk
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