Investment Strategy

In the past, investment strategy was determined based on investment objectives, risk tolerances and constraints and sometimes applied an efficient frontier analysis to determine the strategic asset allocation or asset mix.

Typically this approach did not employ a proper risk framework, or reflect overall financial objectives and risk appetite, resulting in a portfolio that may not be optimally structured to achieve overall objectives.

Nexus Risk Management offers investment strategy services for insurance companies and pension plans within a principled risk framework. This offering has been developed in response to renewed interest by both insurance companies and pension plans in ensuring that the risks assumed in their investment portfolios are well understood, consistent with their risk appetite, properly rewarded, quantified and appropriately diversified.

An investment strategy review may be of particular value for insurance company surplus accounts and for pension plans to assess the appropriateness of the strategy in respect of the overall financial objectives, risk tolerances and constraints.

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Products and Services

  • Review of ALM and Investment Strategies
  • Formulating Investment Strategy for Surplus
  • Formulating Investment Strategy for Pension Funds
  • Efficient Frontier and Risk Optimization
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