“In 5 days I learned more at this course than in all the conferences I have ever been to over my entire career.” – PHOENIX

 “This was by far the best course I have ever attended.”– HONG KONG

“Good coverage of current topics and practices. The contents and the program were demanding and also very rewarding.” – TOKYO

“You not only thoroughly covered the theoretical concepts, but gave me some step-by-step instructions on how to implement ALM back home at work. Great job - thanks!”– NEW YORK

“Hands-on experience through case studies, in particular the mock ALM committee meeting, brings theoretical knowledge into practice and helps visualize what I will need to tackle in life.” – TOKYO

“The staff was fabulous in providing support and guidance. This was a very positive experience.” – PHOENIX

“The life analyst now has a better understanding and an arsenal of tools and questions to better analyze the risks of the life insurance companies.” – LONDON

“I especially liked the opportunity to participate by doing the applications. The utilities provided are very helpful.” – QUEBEC CITY

“Course material is comprehensive, practical and very useful. Case studies and applications are very useful in cementing ideas.” – LONDON

“This is the best actuarial event ever to come to the Czech Republic” – PRAGUE

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